We are currently using MYIR's Z-turn board with a Xilinx Zynq at its heart for our HDL developments. The Z-turn offers a wide range of interfaces (including HDMI), is very easy to get up to speed with and has proven very robust.


Recently we have used a number of SoC boards for embedded applications, including TI Sitara, Atmel SAM-A5, Samsung S5PV210 and Freescale iMX28, either in bare metal or development board form.



The open hardware from LimeSDR is being reused to create an open hardware plattform with a Cubesat format board and thought for space communication applications.

With our past experience in UAVs, we are now using iDrones, a professional quadcopter platfform that allows us to research and develop new flight control, navigation software and on-board image processing.


IoT is here to stay. Silabs WiFi and Bluetooth modules allow to include customer software inside their microcontrollers to make gadgets leaner, smaller and cheaper.

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