Development boards

Ninja MAX 10 board

The Ninja MAX 10 is a credit card-sized development board based on the Intel (Altera) MAX 10 FPGA plus a Bluetooth/ WiFi module for IoT applications and is also Arduino compatible.

The board has 5 build versions from 4k to 50k logic elements (LE).  With 60 I/O pins, many of them differential and optimized for signal integrity over 100 MHz, plus a generous 1A / 3A regulator to allow them run at full steam.

The Bluetooth/WiFi module is the Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 with an open 32-bit microcontroller where you can develop your code. There is a free compiler available, Eclipse compatible and a FreeRTOS port to it. A library with a full stack for Bluetooth and WiFi is also provided. The ESP module is easily programmed via the USB connector that also serves for UART communications. Bluetooth and WiFi can work simultaneously


Block diagram

Schematic (preliminar)

Pinout (preliminar)


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